Dentist in West Edmonton

Are you missing a tooth? Dentures are a good fit for you. Dentures in West Edmonton fall under two categories: partial dentures, ideal for candidates who still have natural teeth, and a full dentures, ideal for candidates who need to replace their upper or lower teeth. Within these options, you can decide between conventional dentures placed directly to the gums and implant-support dentures, which connect to several dental posts for greater support in the jaws. Dentures need to be carefully cleaned every night and put on every morning.

Types of Complete and Partial Dentures Near You

Visit a dentist in West Edmonton for a full consultation for the best option on dentures for you.

Conventional dentures are placed directly onto your gums and ridges of your mouth; a dentist near you can use cement or glue for better support to avoid them being on the move when eating or talking.

Denture implants (micro-implants) are attached to titanium screws that a dentist near you hasplaced in your jawbone. The great advantage of receiving denture implants is that, due to fusing with yourbone, this makesthem likely to move while you eat or talk. This type of denture may feel and look more natural but requires surgical procedures, which can be expensive.

Full dentures replace all your teeth; you may be an ideal candidate for either upper or lower dentures. A dentist in West Edmonton will need to assess your oral health before designing and finalizing any dentures for you. You can provide feedback to adjust or remake your dentures for better results.

Partial dentures, as the name indicates, are used to restore a portion of your smile. For example, if you may be missing your front teeth but have your complete molars, a dentist near you can design your front teeth with wires attached to your molar for better support. If you lose other teeth, a dentist in West Edmonton is happy to readjust your dentures for convenience.

Complete & Partial Denture Near You

The first step of any dental procedure or treatment is to book a consultation with a dentist near you so they can examine your mouth and provide the best solution for your oral health. For partial or full dentures, a dentist in West Edmonton will need to measure your mouth with the help of a jawbone impression for better results. After your dentist in West Edmonton has completed a fully evaluation, they will provide a denture model for you to try and assess to decide on a final model. This process may take one or more weeks to adjust as necessary.

If you decide on a denture implant, a dentist in West Edmonton will take an x-ray of your upper or lower jaw to ensure the strength of your jawbone is in good shape to support the implant. Afterward, a surgical procedure is needed to insert the titanium screws, which may take three to six months for the implant and your jaw to merge for a stable base for your denture. You will receive temporary dentures to avoid infections on your implants and a chewing surface. After healing, a dentist near you will design a denture that best fits you.

Benefits of Dentures in West Edmonton

  • They’re provided by a dentist near you
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improves your oral appearance
  • Support the facial muscles
  • Improved speech
  • No dietary restriction
  • Customized dentures for your convenience
  • Easy to remove and clean

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