Comfortable dental services for improved oral health


Many dental patients feel anxious or scared during a dental appointment. IV sedation is commonly used in dentistry to help keep patients comfortable, still, and relaxed during dental appointments and procedures. This ensures that fear and anxiety don’t prevent patients from getting much-needed oral health care.

Not all patients or procedures require IV sedation. However, they can be particularly useful in certain situations, including:

  • For people who have had negative past experiences with dental care.
  • For people with anxiety or fear of dental procedures.
  • For complex procedures.
  • For lengthy procedures or multiple procedures.
  • For those who have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time.

What to Expect During IV Sedation

IV sedation is delivered intravenously, which means that a sedative medication is introduced directly into the bloodstream from a thin needle in your hand or arm. Our dental team may use a numbing cream before inserting the needle to reduce any discomfort during the initial insertion of the needle. Your dental team will also monitor you closely during and after sedation.

The sedatives will work quickly, making you feel sleepy and relaxed, although still conscious and responsive. It’s likely that you will remember very little about the procedure once it is complete.

It is recommended that you plan to have someone drive you home, as you may feel groggy for an extended period of time as the sedation wears off. You should also plan to get plenty of rest for the remainder of the day.

To learn if IV sedation is right for you, talk to our experienced team.