Why Choose Clear Aligners for Orthodontic Treatment?

Clear aligner therapy is becoming a popular option for orthodontic treatment for several reasons. Although the process is similar to that of traditional orthodontics (braces), the structure of the clear plastic aligner trays makes it easy to remove them for eating and cleaning, and provides a more discreet method of straightening the teeth. Although not ideal for every situation, many patients are eligible for clear aligner therapy.


How to Get the Most from Clear Aligner Therapy


Clear aligner therapy is often chosen because it offers a more discreet, flexible, comfortable way to straighten the teeth, especially for adults. Clear aligners need to be worn for 23 hours per day to be effective. It’s also important to stay on schedule when it comes to getting new aligner trays from your dentist—these new trays are what will create small shifts in the alignment of the teeth over time.

Ask Us About How to Achieve Straighter Teeth


If you have been longing for straighter teeth but aren’t sure about orthodontic options available to you, book a consultation with our experienced team. We can help you weigh the benefits and  costs of clear aligner therapy and other orthodontic treatments to ensure you have everything you need to move forward toward straighter teeth.