Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions


Whenever we can, our dentists strive to help you keep your natural teeth. However, some circumstances may be best treated by removing one or more teeth from the mouth and replacing them with artificial teeth. Some of the reasons we may suggest tooth extractions for patients include decaying teeth, injured or broken teeth, infection or risk of infection, or an overcrowded mouth.

What Can Be Done About Missing Teeth?


It’s always best to have a full, even bite, which is why we focus on extracting and replacing teeth whenever it’s necessary. Before we remove your tooth, our dental team will talk to you about potential restorative options to replace the tooth. This may include dental bridges, dental implants, partial or full dentures, or other restorative solutions. These can help ensure that you can chew, speak, and smile normally, and that your other teeth won’t move or develop issues as a result of the missing tooth or teeth.

In-Office Tooth Extraction Procedures


Our dental team is experienced in providing simple extractions in our dental offices in west Edmonton. It’s always our goal to keep you as comfortable as possible, which is why we provide you with information and options about your procedure upfront. Decaying or infected teeth can be very problematic, so if you think you may need to have a tooth removed, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our team today.