your guide to dental crowns

If you have damaged or weakened teeth, your dentist in West Edmonton may suggest that you get dental crowns. These are tooth-colored caps that are placed over affected teeth to protect them from further damage and restore their appearance. Our team at All Smiles Dentistry tells you all you need to know about dental crowns in this blog post.

Why Opt for Dental Crowns?

A properly designed and placed dental crown can last for many decades and does a much better job of restoring and protecting a tooth than a dental filling. A dentist can also customize dental crowns near you to match the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth, so they blend in seamlessly with your smile.

How Are Dental Crowns Placed?

There are two kinds of dental crowns in West Edmonton: traditional dental crowns and same-day crowns.

When you opt for traditional dental crowns, you will need to visit our team two separate times, usually spaced out over the span of two to three weeks. At your first visit, the affected tooth will be examined and prepared for the dental crown. To begin, our dentist will take radiographs of the tooth and the bone surrounding it to determine the extent of damage or decay. Next, they will file down and reshape the affected tooth to make room for the dental crown. Once they have gotten the tooth to the desired shape and size, they will take impressions of the tooth, which will be sent to a dental lab where your custom-designed crown will be fabricated. In the interim, you will be fitted with a temporary crown to protect your tooth. When your permanent crown is ready (around two to three weeks later), you will come back for your second visit to have your crown cemented over your tooth and restore your smile for years to come.

The process for same-day dental crowns is the same as it is for traditional crowns, except it does not require impressions to be sent over to a dental lab to create the crowns. Same-day dental crowns near you are made using computer-assisted manufacturing technology in-office so they can be placed immediately after your tooth is prepared.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

There are many benefits to getting dental crowns, including:

● A long-term, durable treatment
● Protection for a weakened tooth
● Prevention of tooth decay and fractures
● A natural-looking restoration

When you get a dental crown, you are choosing to invest in your oral health and ensure that your smile stays healthy and radiant for years to come.

With the right care, dental crowns can last for several years. Just make sure that you continue to brush and floss each day and visit a dentist once every six months for a professional cleaning and exam.

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If you are interested in dental crowns and would like to determine if you are a good fit for this restorative dentistry procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated dental team at All Smiles Dentistry. We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have and ensure that you continue to maintain your radiant smile for years to come.