Why Choose Custom Mouth Guards?


Custom mouth guards are not just for professional athletes; many of our patients who engage in sports and activities choose to have a custom mouth guard because of the superior protection, long-lasting materials, and overall comfort. We’ll provide you with a mouth guard, simple care instructions, and a case to keep your mouth guard stored safely in your bag or backpack.

Full Head Protection


Although helmets are a common piece of protective gear in some sports, many people are surprised to learn that a mouth guard offers protection for your head as well. Impacts between the teeth and jaws can cause health issues from your neck to your scalp, including concussions. Sports mouth guards help to lower this impact, protecting the bones, muscles, and other tissues of your head, face, neck, and mouth.

Sports Mouth Guards for Adults and Kids


Child or adult, competitive or recreational, individual or team-based—any sport comes with the risk of injury. Mouth guards are a simple way to make sure you or your child’s mouth and head are always protected. A custom mouth guard offers high-level protection and peace of mind. Book an appointment before the next season starts to make sure every game is fun and rewarding.