boost your oral health with a dental cleaning

Many are unaware of the fact that getting a dental cleaning benefits the human body as well as the teeth, tongue, and gums. A dental cleaning enhances overall health in various ways.

Let’s take a look at how a dental cleaning can improve health, well-being, appearance, memory, and more.

Excellent oral hygiene including regular deep dental cleanings in West Edmonton will fight tooth decay as well as halitosis. Having a thorough dental cleaning performed every six months by a dentist near you, will keep your mouth healthy and odour-free. By eating healthy, exercising regularly, and avoiding sugary drinks you might find that your mouth has a pleasant natural scent.

A dental cleaning enhances overall health

Numerous studies have shown a strong tie between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. Getting a dental cleaning near you on a regular basis will significantly reduce the odds of gum disease and a subsequent heart attack, stroke, obstructed blood vessels, or other life-threatening medical conditions. Your gum health is an excellent indicator of your overall state of health.

Enhance your memory with a dental cleaning

The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry reports adult patients with gingivitis in which the gums bleed and swell typically perform worse on memory tests and analyses for other cognitive skills than people with healthy gums and mouths. Those suffering from gingivitis were more likely to perform at a low level on two tests; subtraction and verbal recall. Two skills are used in regular daily living.

Improve your look and boost your confidence

You deserve better than discoloured teeth and a reluctant smile. Have your teeth deep cleaned with regularity by our dentist in West Edmonton at All Smiles Dentistry! Your pearly whites will thank you by staying healthy and giving you the confidence, you need. The lovely white hue of your teeth will improve your overall appearance. You will never again hesitate to smile, laugh, eat or open your mouth in public for any other reason after your dental cleaning freshens up your mouth.

A recent analysis that studied 100,000 adults in Taiwan’s national health insurance database found that 24 percent of those who had undergone teeth cleaning saw a reduced risk of a heart attack. These people also showed a13 percent risk reduction for stroke compared to those who have never had a dental cleaning. Those who had a full dental cleaning at least once per year decreased their risk even more.

Research has shown that teeth cleaning decreases bacteria that cause inflammation. It can also heighten the functionality of blood vessels to ensure proper blood flow.

Some within the oral health community believe there to be a link between inflammation within the gums and inflammation within the heart. We will surely continue to learn more about the significance of dental cleanings as we continue to research oral health!